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Welcome to Sailani Tours N Travel Limited

Welcome to Sailani Tours N Travel Limited

One fine evening, professional stalwarts of tourism industry were scratching their head on the outcome of “Pax Satisfaction Index” populated out of survey conducted by them on PAN India Basis. The outcome was way below expectation and failed miserably on all major counts whether it be selection of product, booking formalities, payment collection, visa processing, document handover and above all expectations vis-à-vis delivery given during the course of journey.

The result compelled those professionals to do introspection to find out the root cause of dissatisfaction. It was finally agreed by all of them that such dissatisfaction is primarily arising because of mismatch in viewpoint of both parties in as much as while for them it is a business but for pax it is a matter of leisure and holiday.

To improve the “Pax Satisfaction Index” it was incumbent for the professionals to change their mindset and that led to birth of “Sailani”.

At Sailani things are very simple. It works on two principles:
                (i) Passenger availing our services should not be dissatisfied on any count.
                (ii) All transactions are to be honest and transparent to all stakeholders.

We feel proud in stating that core management of the company consists of seasoned professionals who had handled pax directly and not white-collar board-room managerial personnel. Our endeavor is to provide services for regular and popular destinations but at the same time let pax know what mother nature beholds for them which is yet to be explored.

Sailani is a young, dynamic and energetic company whose all activities are centered around pax satisfaction in terms of budget, destination, pre and post sales dealing, experience during the course of journey.

With our dedicated untiring effort and your love and support we are confident of being number one tours and travels operator of the Country very soon.

We welcome you to the world of Sailani…….

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